Extreme Makeover family forced to close doors on dream home

(WLNS) – The Nickless family received an extreme home makeover after the death of their husband and father Tim, but now, they have to say goodbye again, this time to their home.

The house is foreclosed and could be taken away at any moment.

After losing her husband in 2008, getting a new house from extreme makeover was what Arlene Nickless called a ray of light in a dark time.

“When we stepped through those doors and saw this it was just, wow.”

Nickless says it was a second chance for her family.

“It was finally becoming a home, we were finally getting settled in,” Nickless said.

But after a couple of years, tragedy struck gain.

“I was in a car accident, which caused me to get behind.”

From there, it was years of incidents and struggling to make the payments, until after nine years of calling this place home, everything changed.

“Next thing I know I’m receiving a letter to appear in court for eviction.”

Nickless and her family were told the house was up for Sheriff’s sale, putting a finality on the concerns that had been growing the past few years.

Her final day was set for Memorial Day but was pushed back because of the holiday. Now, she could have just hours left in her dream home.

“Knowing that the Sheriff could show up at any time, and we have to leave whatever is left on the property and walk away.”

Although Nickless says this move will split up her family for the time being as they live with family and friends, she has one thing she has been able to rely on through all the pain and loss.

“I have to hang onto my hope, and my belief and I know God has got this for me.”

Nickless will be closing the doors on her home as soon as the Sheriff shows up and says it’s time to say goodbye.

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