Dozens of arrests in Eaton County fugitive sweep

UPDATE (WLNS 11:00 P.M.) –    Eaton County Sheriff’s Officials took to the streets to bring in wanted fugitives and they say it was the most successful sweep ever performed in the county.

On four separate days this month, Eaton County Sheriff’s Officials were part of a team effort that worked to put criminals with warrants out for their arrests behind bars.

In total, there were 104 warrants issued.

The team was able to make 62 arrests…including some fugitives who had multiple warrants.

Of those warrants, 53 were felony charges, 38 were misdemeanors and 13 were for civil warrants for child support.

There were also several people with criminal sexual conduct warrants arrested as well.

But, there were three arrests made that law enforcement says they’re thrilled are behind bars tonight and off the streets.

24 year-old Elizabeth Eickenberry was arrested and taken into custody after being accused of a homicide in East Lansing.

“When we have individuals who are involved in the delivery of controlled substances that result in the death of another person, getting that person in custody and getting them before the court is very critical,” said Eaton County Undersheriff Jeff Cook.

Undersheriff Cook says making sure neighborhoods are safe is crucial and that begins with putting criminals behind bars.

“Anytime you have wanted felons on the streets, they’re free to commit more crimes and they need to be held accountable for their actions,” Undersheriff Cook stated.

He says during the operation, several methamphetamine labs were raided…one large enough where 55 year-old Earl Audley Schnepp and 43 year-old John McKinley Eager of Eaton Rapids were arrested.

“In the past there have been instances where meth labs have had explosions occur and people have been seriously hurt and burned…it’s a very serious threat in the community and something we address very aggressively,” said Undersheriff Cook.

Undersheriff Cook says for law enforcement officials it’s simple…get wanted fugitives off the streets and that’s what they plan to continue to do.

“We continue to go out and investigate crimes that have occurred and proactively seek to prevent crime in our communities,” Undersheriff Cook stated.

Eaton County wasn’t alone in this operation…seven additional police agencies teamed up to help put these fugitives behind bars and Undersheriff Cook says Eaton County officials plan to do operations like this more frequently.


UPDATE (WLNS 6:00 P.M.) – Eaton County Sheriff’s officials took to the streets to bring in fugitives and their push paid off.

The Sheriff’s office teamed up with seven other police agencies for four days this month to put people with warrants out for their arrest behind bars.

This is something Undersheriff Jeffrey Cook says was the most successful operation ever conducted in the county.

“It clearly demonstrates how efficient and effective a well-organized multi-agency approach is to bring fugitives to justice and fight crime in our neighborhoods,” said Undersheriff Cook.

62 arrests…that’s the number of fugitives Undersheriff Cook says police agencies put behind bars.

Of those 62 arrests, a total of 104 warrants were outstanding arrests which included…

“53 felony warrants, 38 misdemeanor warrants and 13 civil warrants for child support,” Undersheriff Cook stated.

But the most shocking get was a woman arrested for homicide in East Lansing for delivering a controlled substance that resulted in death.

In addition to that, several people with criminal sexual conduct warrants were arrested as well…and that’s not all…

“There were numerous incidences of narcotics being seized during this operation which included heroin, crack cocaine and several methamphetamine labs,” said Undersheriff Cook.

Tonight on 6 News at 11, you’ll hear more from the Undersheriff on why this sweep was critical to get criminals off the streets and you’ll see two criminals police have behind bars after busting two separate meth labs.


CHARLOTTE, Mich (WLNS) – Four days of searching for fugitives in Eaton County have resulted in dozens of arrests and more.

The Eaton County Sheriff’s Office today tells 6 News that 62 arrests have been made in a massive fugitive sweep in the county.

In addition to those arrests 104 outstanding warrants were satisfied.

But that’s not all.

In the course of the sweep meth labs were busted, heroin was found and other drugs confiscated.

The details of this sweep will be released this afternoon in Charlotte.

6 News will be there and will update this story online and on 6 News tonight.

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