COMMUNITY CRISIS: RISE helping break cycle of addiction

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Those on the road to recovery from an opioid addiction say it can be a lonely- frustrating road.

But there’s a local program that focuses on making that journey a little easier.

It’s called RISE – a recovery community located in downtown Lansing that, much like a phoenix, helps people gain a new life.

Rising from what many say is their lowest point ever.

They welcomed this reporter into one of their recent meetings… and I was amazed by how RISE was working in dozens of young people’s lives.

“It’s a fight for our life.. That we make every night.. In this war…. Called sober..”

The words of the song echo through Club RISE where everyone in the room is in the fight of their lives… Everyday trying to push though into a new world they call sober.

Each person intimately understanding the pain an addict goes through to get clean.

At one point during the Club RISE meeting I asked the group if any of them had lost someone to heroin.

Nearly every hand in the room when up.

It’s a painful reality too many people are living. “I lost my mom October 4, 2015.. my little brother – October 7 2016, of both Heroin addictions. And I’m a big Heroin Addict.. coming into here I thought my life was over. That’s how I wanted to die, was Heroin. Til I came in to here. Just truly a family and I feel welcome here and it’s changing my life.. Rise is changing my life.”

Even the staff of the RISE recovery community has walked a similar path.. A path that at times was so dark..many thought they would never find their way..

But RISE is lighting that path to break the cycle of addiction.

“There wasn’t a stigma of, oh man, you’re an addict. And having it looked down upon. I didn’t think it existed. I’m so, so glad that I took the chance and came here.. it has definitely changed my life.”
RISE provides housing for people 18 and older who are recovering from substance abuse and have successfully completed detox treament.

RISE also requires accountability.

Founder Correy Warren makes sure each person meets the requirements of a five phase program that teaches former addicts how to balance work, recovery and probation.

“So we’re learning more tools here and how to utilize them more effectively than last time. I am proud of you and all your growth… good job.. phase 4.”

Goal setting is another priority and each week RISE counselors share each person’s progress with the group.

They, in turn, feel that support which gives them strength not to relapse.

“When I first got here.. I wasn’t able to accept addiction and that I was an addict.. and I really didn’t think it was a thing.. most people like outside don’t.. but after being here maybe 3 weeks, I finally started to notice that you know addiction is real.”

The mission is to transform lives and guide people who are desperate to achieve freedom from addiction.