Woman blames city of Jackson for tree that fell on car, garage

JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s been two months since high winds whipped through mid-Michigan taking down countless trees and knocking out power to thousands.

It was an event for the history books, but we’re still seeing the impact.

Early Tuesday morning, a huge tree came crashing down onto a woman’s house and car.

She says the tree was damaged in the March wind storm and the city should have done something about it.

It’s something that Bambi McCabe always feared would happen.

“It’s extremely scary,” McCabe said.

Early Tuesday morning, a damaged tree came crashing down onto her house and car just feet from where she was sleeping.

“It could have all been prevented,” McCabe said.

She says parts of the tree at Washington Avenue and Bowen Street have been coming down for several years.

6 News got the tree on video after the March wind storm.

A large part of the tree came down in the storm and blocked Bowen Street for several days.

The city cleaned up the area, but didn’t remove the rest of the tree that was still standing.

McCabe says since the tree is on city property, she notified them several times that it was putting her home in danger.

“My neighbors have notified the city several times. I’ve had them come out and look at it. And they just kind of blew me off,” McCabe said.

Jackson’s Director of Public Works Todd Knepper says they don’t have any recent records that show complaints about the tree.

However, the tree did have a red x on it, which means city crews had recently marked it for removal.

Knepper says with so many tree reports from the windstorm, it’s possible all of the complaints coming in were not being logged.

Tuesday afternoon, city workers were on the scene removing the tree.

McCabe is now left with a crushed car, serious damage to her garage, and a big mess.

“I am really appalled that the city can’t seem to keep up with its chores. I just can’t believe they’re that negligent in what they do,” McCabe said.

The homeowner says she’s still thinking about what to do next it’s possible she could launch a lawsuit against the city.


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