Perry Public Schools pushing to get sinking fund approved by voters

(WLNS) – Perry Public Schools knows firsthand just how important one vote can be.

The school millage on the ballot for the Perry May 2 elections was voted “No” by the majority, in this case, just one vote more than “Yes”.

After a recount today, the numbers didn’t budge and now they are moving forward to make sure that doesn’t happen again to the sinking fund request.

The fund covers a number of updates Perry School Superintendent Mike Foster says, they desperately need.

“We simply aren’t funded to do those kinds of repairs,” Foster said.

The $194,000 millage would have paid for new surfacing on parking lots, updated the playground equipment and put air conditioning in the Elementary School building.

“I think that if people who voted no would come to the district and look at the things we are going to replace and change, they would probably change their minds.”

After losing, Foster says the next step is to make sure the low turn out they saw for this vote, doesn’t happen again.

“I think we need to do a better job as a district of stating our case to the voters next time.”

TO help get the word out to the community, the school district relies on the Perry Kids First committee. Chairperson Gary Werner says they will be stepping up their advertising and awareness campaign before the millage is back on the ticket.

“More of a direct face to face and door to door kind of approach,” Werner said.

With such a low turn out, Shiawassee County Clerk Caroline Wilson says getting the word out can make all the difference.

“The one vote could’ve made the big difference on a yay or nay.”

The School Board plans on putting the sinking fund up for vote in November or again next May.

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