Skubick: Fieger eyeing run for governor in ’18?

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Trial lawyer Geoffrey Fieger confirms that he is thinking about running for governor and has plenty of time to make a final decision.

He’s also criticizing two other Democrats regarding the race for governor and he also thinks President Donald Trump is mentally ill.

The always flamboyant and controversial trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger was taking on everybody from the White House to the State House.

He says he is thinking about running for governor but some of his critics contend, he’s doing it to feed his ego with no intention of running.

“Do I necessarily want it? I don’t need it,” contends Fieger. “I never left. I certainly don’t need the attention. I get plenty of that.”

And he tells the “Off the Record” panel if he runs and wins in 2018, he would not rule out a bid for the White House.

“I’m not going to promise that I won’t run for president,” claims Fieger.

As for Gretchen Whitmer, who is running for governor, and fellow trial attorney Mark Bernstein who might, Mr. Fieger says if she walked in the room he wouldn’t know her and Mr. Bernstein is a nice guy but is not up to the job of being governor.

“He doesn’t impress me as a dynamic leader,” insists Fieger. “I would agree with most of his ideas and the same for Gretchen but there’s no leadership.”

Mr. Fieger was asked if he was Donald Trump before there was a Donald Trump.

“I’m not mentally ill. Donald Trump is a narcissist and may be a psychopath,” claimed Fieger. “It’s a big problem for America.”

When asked on what basis he makes those claims about President Trump Fieger answers “his behavior in office.”

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