What happens to leftovers when MSU students move out?

It was a big weekend at Michigan State University, with both commencement and student move out. But as thousands of students left campus, there was quite a bit of “stuff” left behind.

“They’ll come to the front desk and drop off bags of food, and as long as it’s non-perishable food, we usually take it,” says MSU Food Bank Advisor, Denis Martell.

Martell says, in just one week, the bank has collected hundreds of meals, donated from students who are headed home for the summer, but don’t want to throw left-overs away.

“We see everything from ramen noodles to canned soup to all kinds of products,” says Martell.

Martell says, the extra food then goes back to other students who can’t afford it. But food isn’t the only thing left on campus.

“A lot of carpets, a lot of clothes, a lot of futons, refrigerators, microwaves, a little bit of everything,” says MSU Recycling, Education and Outreach Coordinator, James Ives.

Ives says, more than 800,000lbs of “stuff” came in over the weekend, and he expects that to grow to more than 1-million by the end of the week.

“We’re doing what we can to keep that out of the landfill, that’s an awful lot in a short period of time,” says Ives.

Workers sort through the recycled materials by hand. Ives says, some things can be cleaned and then sold back to the public through MSU’s Surplus Store.

So like the saying goes, one student’s trash can be another student’s treasure.

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