Skubick: Legal pot and the Trump administration

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – One of the hurdles backers will confront in their petition drive to legalize pot is the threat that the new Trump administration will come after those states that violate the federal ban on marijuana.

Under the previous Obama administration the U.S. Justice Department looked the other way on prosecuting states that legalized pot even though it was against federal law.

There’s a new sheriff in town and the new U.S. Attorney General has vowed to not look the other way.

“There’s a decision in Washington right now about the states that have already legalized it,” said Oakland Co. Sheriff Mike Bouchard. “They’re already said they are going to enforce federal law.”

Organizers of a statewide petition drive to place this on the 2018 ballot believe Attorney General Sessions will back off even though he has not said that but has said this..

“Attorney General Sessions says he is coming after these states,” stated this reporter.

To which Josh Hovey asked “he says that but with what money?”

And this reporter replied “he doesn’t need money, he can haul them into court.”

“He could but I think you’re going to see a big push back from the states,” answered Hovey. “This is their tax revenue.”

Back home, the state attorney general has not said that. Instead he has said he will let the voters decide this and then enforce that if it passes.

And Sheriff Bouchard agrees.

“If the people vote for it, we’ll enforce the law as written,” said Sheriff Bouchard. “I personally don’t believe it would be a smart choice.”

The pro-pot coalition has talked with law enforcement.

“None them have signed off and we don’t expect them to,” says Josh Hovey.

Hovey thinks the best hope is to neutralize the opposition.

If the petition drive gets enough names and the voters say yes, those twenty-one and older could smoke pot.

Unless the Trump administration decides to enforce the federal ban.

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