Lt. Governor Calley hints at run for top spot

Gretchen Whitmer is in, a lot of people think Attorney General Bill Schuette will be, and there are new signs that Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley could also be gearing up to run for Governor.

He’s spent two terms in the State’s number two spot, but it’s looking more and more likely that Lt. Governor Brian Calley wants to drop the “Lieutenant” from his title.

Today, he spoke during a luncheon in Macomb touching on topics such as the demand for skilled trades, and what the future of Michigan could look like. But the question on everyone’s mind this morning, was if he will decide to run for Governor.

“Many of you have seen an ad that came out today so you know that there’s a very exciting announcement coming on May 30th so stay tuned, continue the win for Michigan,” says Lt. Gov. Calley.

Winning for Michigan. It’s a theme Lt. Gov. Brian Calley repeated time and time again while speaking to the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce this afternoon.

Though he did not formally announce his candidacy for Governor, with the anticipation stemming from his newly released advertising campaign, all eyes were on Calley and what he would say next.

“It just makes sense I think to really right now set the stage in letting people know who I am, where my heart is, what drives me as a leader, and then also to remind people about how far we’ve come within the last six years,” says Lt. Gov. Calley.

Just hours before his speech, Calley teased the public with a commercial, hinting at a big announcement coming on May 30th.

That date coincides with the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Policy Conference that happens each year and draws in a crowd of business and political leaders.

A place one might argue sets the perfect scene for a big announcement such as running for Governor. Calley says, he hopes the work he and Governor Rick Snyder have accomplished so far, will continue.

“If you think about that much in six years, what’s possible in the next ten years,” says Calley.

While the Lt. Governor might be staying quiet on this matter, today he made one thing clear, there’s more work to be done in Michigan.

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