Four more file suit against Nassar, MSU

Four more people have joined a civil lawsuit against former MSU and USA Gymastics coach Larry Nassar, claiming he abused them under the guise of treatment.

The lawsuit also names Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics as well as several other people, including a former MSU gymnastics coach, a dean at MSU, a retired counselor at MSU, and the head of a local gymnastics club.

In the lawsuit, one plantiff says Nassar invited her over to his apartment back in 1992, when she was a young teen. She says Nassar was doing a study about whether muscles were more flexible when heated. She says he had her do splits, which he measured, then had her take a bath. Then she did splits again. Afterward, she says Nassar told the girl “he could not pay her for participating in the study but that her ‘payment’ would be a full body massage from him.”

She then says he penetrated her with his hands while giving her a “nude full-body massage.”

A second plaintiff says Nassar treated her for back pain in 2013 when she was just 15-years-old. She says Nassar molested her during treatments even while her mother was in the room with her.

A third plaintiff says she went to Nassar for a knee injury, but that he touched her butt and would tell her to “flex it.” The girl, who was 12 and is now 14, does not allege that he penetrated her, but her lawyers say Nassar was not following procedures which mandated by MSU after a complaint back in 2014.

A fourth plantiff claims that Nassar penetrated her with his hands and that he was not following procedures when she went to see him between 2009 and 2015. She was around 14 or 15-years-old when the treatments began.

The four new complaints bring the total of women and girls suing Nassar in civil court to around 80.

Nassar, who is also facing some two dozen sexual assault complaints at the state level and child pornography charges at the federal level, has maintained that he used legitimate medical techniques and that he’s not guilty of any criminal charges.

The plaintiffs named other defendants because they say people and institutions knew about the abuse but failed to report it or do anything to prevent it.

Michigan State University has said in previous statements that it only became aware of a complaint in 2014 and investigated. The investigation resulted in rules of conduct that Nassar admits he didn’t always follow. MSU fired him after he acknowledged that late last year.

Other people named in the lawsuit, including the former MSU gymnastics coach and the gymnastics club and club coach, have also denied knowing anything about allegations of abuse and denied failing to report such abuse.

Nassar remains behind bars while he awaits his criminal proceedings.

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