Community gathers for Easter despite renovations to church

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s been a rough few weeks for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church after last month’s heavy wind storm.

Since then, construction has been happening left and right to help keep it standing and for Head Pastor Karen Lewis, it hasn’t been easy watching her beloved 102 year-old “home” experience the makeover.

“When the walls started moving my heart sunk and I was in one of those places where you know when you want to deny things, you want to run and say no, it’s not happening…I’m waking up and it’s all gone umm…no I woke up and it was still moving,” said Lewis.

Although a scary situation, the church has seen some progress…and although it’s not 100-percent, that didn’t stop church-members from celebrating Easter Sunday.

St. Paul’s was packed with people today for the holiday and Pastor Lewis says she’s overjoyed.

“People here were sitting really close together and it was like they were connected, they were kin which we are,” Lewis stated.

Due to construction, mass was held in a different area of the church…and while it was no cathedral, many who attended say it still felt like “home.”

Judy Manson got married here more than 50 years ago…she says seeing everyone come together today was an exciting site to see.

“Everyone has always taken care of each other in this church, it’s a very special church and a very special community and they will stay together and help each other,” said Manson.

Jolee Manson agrees she says St. Paul’s is a second home to her and her family.

“You never give up, you never give up your faith and your hope that you know even though it’s tragic right now what’s happening, they’re fixing it and it’s going to be perfect,” said Jolee.

Despite some challenges, Pastor Lewis says there’s nothing more rewarding than a room full of hope and support.

“The love and the care that they shared with each other and the flowers, I mean it was a great experience,” Lewis stated.

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