New information rolling in on driverless cars

(WLNS) – The push for the future of driverless cars continued today as experts presented data and research on autonomous cars and how they see them rolling onto streets in the future.

From home, to work, to school, vehicles transport us through our lives, but the way we drive today could soon be a thing of the past.

“It’s going to transform how we live and how we move,” Autonomous Future Engineer Tejas Desai said.

Experts gathered in Lansing to discuss autonomous, or self-driving cars. They talked about the research being done to fuel this new mode of transportation

“We will click on the phone and the vehicle will come to us and it will take us wherever we want to and we will be able to do different things in our vehicles,” Founder of Ecomo Andreas Mai explained.

Not only do these cars offer savings on time and money, researchers say they could also set logistics into overdrive.

“You can have the products move more continuously, it will be a shorter period of time,” MSU Supply Chain Department Chairman David Closs said.

No matter what comes of the research and advancements, some experts say the biggest road block to driverless cars is drivers themselves.

“There is a resilience to stay with things that you’re used to,” Mai said.

As for one of the most common concerns of safety, engineers say thermo cameras, communication systems and programmed data will work together to create a more accurate response system faster than any human.

“That autonomy makes me safer, enables me to do other things,” Desai said.

Still, those gathered say giving the autonomous car revolution the green light will only happen if everyone is on board.

“It won’t come unless we’re all in this together in a holistic manner,” Desai said.

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