Downtown Charlotte gets opportunity for economic growth

Out with the old, and in with the new. A saying ringing true for community members in Charlotte who hope to take the main street, to the next level.

“We bottomed out, in terms of our downtown. It was the one area that we really, as we drive through, we thought we could do better,” says Board Member of the “Charlotte Rising” movement, Jason Vanderstelt.

Vanderstelt says, in terms of property values and vacancies, the city has seen it’s fair share of struggle. And all of that could change as Governor Snyder chose Charlotte to participate in a five year plan, designed to attract new residents, business investments, and support economic growth. A plan, already being set in motion.

“There’s three new businesses that have started within the last month or are about to open, just in this one block. Across the street from where we’re sitting now is a new restaurant that will be coming to town, that will bring 23 new jobs to this community,” says Vanderstelt.

One of those businesses belongs to Shelly O’Connor.

“I always knew that Charlotte had something special,” says O’Connor.

O’Connor’s “Dragonfly Boutique and Salon” coincides with Charlotte’s future. The theme? Taking something old, and making it new again.

“The customers that have come in here, have been amazing, I couldn’t think of anyplace else that I would want to be,” says O’Connor.

And that mindset is just what community members hope, will put this city’s future in the right direction.

“As people in the community see tangible change spirits, pride, momentum builds,” says Vanderstelt.

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