President Donald Trump’s visit draws protesters

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WLNS) – Hundreds of people took over the streets in Ypsilanti today for President Donald Trump’s visit.

On one side, protesters not pleased with the president’s arrival…

“I am very concerned about the path that president trump is taking our country on, about the path that President Trump is taking our country on, we’re seeing policies that seem to be ill considered and put in place with haste,” said opposer Michelle Deatrick.

“I find him personally odious with respect to the way he has spoken about women, I find it personally reprehensible about how he’s attacked our federal judiciary,” opposer Karen Moss stated.

But on the other side, Michiganders rallying behind the president and what he stands for.

“We elected a president whether you didn’t vote for him or not, we got to give him the upmost and get behind him…let him rebuild America, give him his 4 shot or his 4 years on what he wants to do with America,” said supporter Edwin Nyhus.

“He fights for what he commits to and when he says I am going to fight for the American workers and create jobs, he’s doing it…when he says he’s going to sign the immigration bill, he signs it,” said supporter Rob Cortis.

But there’s one thing about today’s protest…regardless of if you support or oppose President Trump, these people stand behind what they believe in.

“He’s a terrible president,” Deatrick stated.

“One language English, one name Americans, and one flag red, white and blue,” Nyhus added.

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