Supporters rally for non-discrimination ordinance in Jackson

For decades, in the City of Jackson, there’s been tension over an ordinance that works to protect those who are gay, lesbian, or transgender from being discriminated against because of their identity.

It’s an ordinance that finally got approved after years in the making, and now, dozens filed petitions that have stopped that ruling from going into effect.

Today, nearly 100 people in support of the non-discrimination ordinance held a rally, hoping to make one thing clear, they are not backing down.

“It’s not for any of us to judge another person and how they live their life, it’s not,” says supporter, Elizabeth Rodgers.

“We’ve got the support, we just need to keep it together,” says Director of Jackson’s Pride Center, Nikki Joly.

Just last week, multiple churches and businesses in Jackson organized and turned in more than 100 petitions against the ordinance, it got nearly 600 signatures, which far exceeds the amount needed to halt the ruling.

“There are others in the community who feel that the ordinance is poorly written,” says Father Tim Nelson, of St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church.

Because of that, Father Nelson believes the entire city should have a chance to decide the fate of this ordinance.

“The due process clauses are not well spelled out or developed and that religious liberty considerations not just for the churches but for other members of the community can be compromised,” says Nelson.

However, those from the L-G-B-T community say, they’re sticking together.

“The council members passed that N-D-O 5-2, we passed it, so we now need to maintain with that, and not allow religious views to govern our local ordinances,” says Rodgers.

Supporters of the N-D-O say, this ordinance sends a message to the rest of the country that Jackson will not discriminate based on who you love, or who you are.

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