Michigan AG announces 22 new charges against Nassar: “This guy is despicable, he is a monster”

UPDATE – 7:23 p.m.: “This guy is disgusting, this guy is despicable, he is a monster,” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon as he announced 22 new sexual assault charges.

Former Michigan State University and USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar faces more than 20 new sexual assault charges and they each carry up to life in prison if he’s convicted.

He now faces a total of 25 counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Nine more victims were listed as part of those charges and prosecutors say five of them were under the age of 13 at the time of the abuse.

Attorney General Bill Schuette laid out the case against Nassar Wednesday afternoon.

Until Wednesday, Nassar faced three criminal sexual conduct charges for abuse that happened outside of his practice as a doctor. But now, for the first time, he faces charges for what dozens of women who are suing him say was sexual assault disguised as medical treatments.

“This department and I will aggressively provide justice to these women and their families in what is certainly the biggest cases of serial sexual assault in Michigan’s history,” Schuette said. “The girls abused by Dr. Nassar were so young, and so innocent that they didn’t fully understand what Nassar was doing to them until many years later.”

In one of the warrants released by the Attorney General’s Office Wednesday, an alleged victim, listed as “Victim C” said Nassar never wore gloves and used lubricant. The alleged victim said the penetration lasted for five to six minutes. The warrant says “Victim C reported that Nassar told her “we don’t tell parents about this because they wouldn’t understand.” It goes on to say that the alleged victim was referring to him vaginally penetrating her when he made the statement.

“As a parent and as a father of a daughter, I cannot imagine the heart break and the anger and the heart ache experienced by parents who took their child to a physician seeking help, who then sexually assaulted their daughter,” Schuette said.

The Michigan State University Police Department has been investigating sexual assault allegations against Nassar for nearly seven months. MSU Police Chief Jim Dunlap said reports are coming in by the day.

“To date, the Michigan State University Police Dept. is investigating more than 80 reported sexual assaults against Dr. Nassar,” Chief Dunlap said. “We have compiled over 600 investigative reports, we’ve executed multiple search warrants, compiled and reviewed thousands and thousands of supporting documents and interviewed nearly 300 people. As a result of those investigations, 28 felony charges and indictments have been secured against Nassar.”

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon released a statement after the charges were announced Wednesday afternoon saying:

“Our hearts continue to go out to those most directly affected as additional state charges are announced against former MSU employee Larry Nassar. I am deeply troubled by the emerging details and recognize the courage it takes to come forward with information about of personally traumatic events. While investigations continue, based on the criminal charges brought against him by the Michigan Attorney General and federal U.S. Attorney’s Office, one thing is clear: Nassar used his reputation and standing as a physician to take advantage of his patients’ trust. MSU Police continue to play a key role in the investigations in close coordination with the state Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. I urge any individuals who have complaints about Nassar, or information relevant to the investigations, to contact MSU Police.”

Here’s where the case against Nassar stands right now. He faces 25 criminal counts at the state level, but he also faces federal child pornography charges.

On top of the criminal cases, he’s also being sued by more than 40 other women in civil lawsuits.

Some of those women say the alleged abuse happened at Michigan State University.

Others claim they told officials at MSU about the abuse but say nothing was done.

Nassar was investigated by the university in 20-14, but wasn’t fired until more allegations began to surface in September of 2016.

To date, Nassar has maintained his innocence in both state and federal court and says the treatments he performed on his patients were accepted medical techniques.

6 News reached out to Matt Newburg, one of Nassar’s attorneys, he did not have any comment on the new charges.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday.

UPDATE: 3:26 p.m. –  Former MSU and USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar is facing 22 new sexual assault charges in the first degree.

Warrants issued Wednesday morning listed 36 counts of first and third degree criminal sexual conduct in Ingham and Eaton County. Several of the third degree criminal sexual conduct counts were “alternative counts.”

The charges stem from allegations of sexual assault from 9 victims who say Nassar sexually abused them under the guise of medical treatment in both his home treatment room in Holt, and in medical settings including at the MSU Soprts Medicine Clinic and Twistars Gymnastics.

Five of the charges are related to the victims being under the age of 13 at the time of the alleged assault.

He is expected to be arraigned on Thursday.

Matt Newburg, one of Nassar’s attorneys, declined to comment.

Nassar faces sexual assault charges at the state level and child pornography charges at the federal level.

Since he was fired from Michigan State University in September, more than 60 women and girls have accused Nassar of sexual assault and more than 40 have filed lawsuits against him alleging he sexually abused them.

Nassar has maintained his innocence in both state and federal court and says he performed accepted medical techniques on his patients.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette will hold a news conference with MSU Police Chief Jim Dunlap this afternoon to give an update on the sexual assault investigation into Nassar.

6 News will livestream that news conference and have the latest information both on air and online.

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