WARNING GRAPHIC TESTIMONY: Larry Nassar Headed To Trial After Woman Speaks on the Stand


MASON, MI (WLNS) – A woman accusing Larry Nassar of sexually abusing her took the stand to tell her story Friday and a judge said it’s enough to send the doctor to trial.

The hearing lasted for nearly three hours as the witness described how Larry Nassar sexually assaulted her in his own home for nearly seven years starting when she was just six years old.

These charges don’t stem from someone who went to MSU, or took part in gymnastics. The 25 year old witness we heard from Friday, was simply a family friend of Larry Nassar.

“I remember it was dark in that room and he was standing in front of me and he had his pants down and was exposing himself and I was standing there as well and he said “If you ever want to see it just ask,” and  remember it being erect,” she said.

The 25 year old woman spent more than two hours on the stand remembering when she was only six or seven years old. Thats when she said Nassar, who was a family friend, sexually assaulted her several times.

Sometimes using “Hide and Seek” to get her alone. She also talked about other incidents, which she said happened in Nassar’s basement.

She said she would hide underneath the sink in the basement, Nassar would find her, and then proceed to touch himself with lotion in front of her.

She also went into detail about two other incidents, which she said happened on the couches in Nassar’s basement, while her brother was also in the room.

“Larry would get a blanket and put it over me and he started with rubbing my feet and then he would pull out his bare penis and then rub his bare penis onto my feet,” she said.

WOMAN: “I remember him putting his hand between my legs and inserting his finger into my vagina.”

PROSECUTOR: “Do you remember the first time that that happened?”

WOMAN:”I do not.”

PROSECUTOR: “Let me ask you this, did it happen more than once?”

WOMAN: “Yes”

PROSECUTOR: “More than twice?”

WOMAN: “Oh yes.”

PROSECUTOR: “More than 3 times?”

WOMAN: “Yes.”

PROSECUTOR: “Do you have any idea how many times it occurred?”

WOMAN: “No, but often.”

The woman testified that a few years later, she told her parents about one of the incidents where Nassar rubbed his genitals on her feet. She said their reaction scared her, especially her dad’s.

“He would call me a little {EXPLICIT} and that I was a liar and that I needed to apologize.”

She said the incident wasn’t reported to police, but she did discuss it with a counselor at Michigan State University in 2004.

The witness said she told Dr. Gary Stollak, a clinical Psychologist, what Nassar did to her.

She also said Nassar and her parents met with Dr. Stollak to talk about the information she disclosed to him.

She went on to say that Nassar, in front of her parents, told her that if anyone touched her like that, she should report it to anyone.

The Michigan Child Protection Law requires certain people including counselors, to report potential child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services.

6 News is looking into whether or not Stollak did, but under the law he was supposed to.

Dr. Stollak took the stand Friday, but said he didn’t remember meeting with the woman, her parents, or Nassar.

The judge decided the now-retired doctor, who worked at MSU for 47 years, could not be considered credible because of a stroke that affected his memory.

Stollak also said all of his medical records have been destroyed.

Still, the judge found enough evidence to send this case to trial, where Nassar could face up to life in prison if he’s convicted.

The woman who testified Friday said she eventually reported the incident to MSU Police in September of 2016.

More than 30 women and girls say Nassar abused them while under his care.

The woman who testified Friday, isn’t the only person who says they told someone at MSU about alleged abuse by Nassar.

Two women who filed a civil suit against Nassar said they told MSU Gymnastics Coach Kathie Klages about the alleged abuse 20 years ago.

Klages lawyer said she never heard any allegations against Nassar and that if she had, she would have reacted immediately.

Klages retired earlier this week, after the university suspended her.

An MSU spokesperson said the university was not aware of any complaints against Nassar until 2014.

The school investigated that case, but didn’t fire Nassar until more complaints came to light in September of 2016.

Friday’s hearing isn’t the only one Nassar faces. He’s also looking at federal child pornography charges after investigators said they found a hard drive with nearly 37,000 images in a trash can outside Nassar’s home.

That trial was supposed to start this month, but a judge pushed it back to May 2017 to give both sides more time to prepare.

Officials from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office say they are still getting information from MSU Police that could lead to even more charges.

The Attorney General’s Office released the following statement after Friday’s hearing:

“I am grateful for the dedication of the Michigan State Police Department and the prosecutors in the Department of Attorney General for their continued hard work on this case. I admire the courage of the young women who had to relive her terrifying experience and I am grateful that Judge Allen bound over Dr. Nassar on these extremely serious charges.”

The MSU police chief said he has 17 officers investigating complaints against Nassar and they want anyone with information to come forward.

In each of these cases, Nassar has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him and said the treatments he used are accepted medical techniques.

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