Skubick: Students, troopers and no tax relief stand out in Snyder budget pitch

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder laid out his plans today for spending $10 billion of your tax dollars with a big chunk going into education.

Students in well-to-do schools will get a $50 per pupil increase while those from poorer districts will get $100.

The governor also wants an additional $778 per pupil in so-called at risk high schools.

“these children, through no fault of their own, who have challenges that are, that are rather difficult if we can make the right investments get them in the classroom and help them with whatever the challenges they may have academics or otherwise that’s well worth it,” said Snyder advisor John Walsh.

Having spent almost $250 million on the Flint water crisis, the governor says more need to be done to the tune of $50 million additional dollars.

But one Flint Democrat is worried that some of her colleagues may be suffering from Flint fatigue.

“I know there’s a fatigue with Flint like you know so you have to keep fighting that fight and you have to keep reminding people what it’s like to haul water and what it’s like to make sure all the waters in the house so it doesn’t freeze and making sure your kids aren’t drinking out of the hose so you know we’ll see we’ll continue to fight we’ll keep an eye on it but overall it’s not too bad at this point,” said Rep. Pam Farris.

The governor wants to hire 100 additional state troopers to bring the force up to 2000 officers.

The state budget director for the first time says the state will repay citizens who were incorrectly fined by the state for filing fraudulent jobless benefit claims when they were not guilty.

“I think he stated that we’re going to get that money back to them now whether that holds up is another question,” said Rep. Fred Durhal, Jr. “But I’m willing to believe him for this time.”

The governor did not endorse any income tax rollback in his budget but tells Republicans who want the roll back that he is willing to talk about it.

“It will be part of this conversation because I’ve always been open to tax relief,” explained Se. David Hildenbrand.

The governor warns those Republicans they need to cut the budget elsewhere if they want a tax cut.

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