Woman on allegations against former MSU doctor: “So many different people shoved it under the rug”

OKEMOS, MI (WLNS) – In a complaint filed Tuesday by Church Wyble, a division of Grewal Law, four more women asked to be added to a federal lawsuit against former MSU and USA gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar, for sexually abusing them and against Michigan State University for not doing anything about it.

They join dozens of others who are also alleging sexual abuse by Nassar saying he used his hands internally for what he claimed were treatments.

Another woman who is suing Nassar is telling her story. She spoke to 6 News exclusively.

In the lawsuit filed by Church Wyble, a division of Grewal law on her behalf, her name is Jane Doe BMSU, but after talking with her Tuesday, 6 News found out she’s a wife and mother.

She asked that we not show her face or reveal her name.

It wasn’t easy for her to tell her story Tuesday and she says it wasn’t easy for her two decades ago when she brought concerns to a Michigan State University Gymnastics Coach.

She’s speaking out with hopes to empower and encourage young girls, women, or anyone for that matter, to speak up if they, too believe they became victims of these allegations against Dr. Larry Nassar.

“I felt betrayed by Kathie and he said what he was doing was a medical treatment and that he was doing it to help my back. I just told myself that I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore because it was obviously me that was the one thinking of it wrong,” Jane Doe BMSU said. “I had to convince myself of that in order to..I guess survive through it.”

Reporter: Did that bother you that you had to do that when you knew it wasn’t right?”

Jane Doe BMSU: “Yes, but all of these adults were telling me that it was OK and that I was wrong and so I was 16, 17 years old, who am I to question these authority figures?”

6 News  has tried multiple times to reach out to MSU Gymnastics coach, Kathie Klages, to ask her about claims that she heard about the abuse allegations some 20 years ago, we have not heard back from her.

MSU says it continues to investigate the whole situation.

In a statement from MSU Spokesperson Jason Cody:

“MSU Police are investigating all allegations thoroughly. If evidence is uncovered that an MSU employee sought to interfere with the criminal case or prevent individuals from coming forward, we will take appropriate action.  The university will not tolerate any interference with the investigation. We encourage anyone with information on this case to contact MSUPD immediately.”

Nassar is behind bars, facing state and federal charges of sexual assault and child pornography.

He says what he did was an acceptable medical technique and says that he’s not guilty of the charges.

6 News will have more on the interview Tuesday night on 6 News at 11.

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