MSU takes stand on executive order on immigration: students & locals speak up

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It was just a few days ago that President Trump signed an executive order banning green card holders from traveling into the United States.

The ban, predominantly directed towards seven Muslim countries, has sent shockwaves across the nation especially for Michigan State University student Abraham Aiyash.

“It hit home for me because my family is from Yemen,” said Aiyash.

Yemen is one of the seven countries banned in President Trump’s order and for Aiyash, the situation is unimaginable for him to wrap his mind around.

“It was also very difficult because about 5 days before he signed this executive order, my uncle who we applied a visa for to come to the United States passed away,” Aiyash stated.

Aiyash says the process for his family to come into the states hasn’t exactly been easy.

It took Aiyash and his family years to receive a visa for his uncle and now with Trump’s executive order, the process is temporarily wiped clean.

“It kind of makes you feel hopeless to be honest,” Aiyash added.

Aiyash isn’t alone…he says international students he knows at MSU feel saddened and in fear.

“They’re afraid what’s to happen if they leave…can they come back and finish out the semester,” said Aiyash.

But, according to MSU spokesperson Jason Cody, MSU isn’t planning on interfering.

Cody says:

“MSU has a committee from across campus who has been monitoring this situation for weeks now. Right now, the university is communicating with all of the students affected by this working to provide guidance and support. The university would not provide any students’ private information or immigration status, unless compelled by law.”

“It seems surreal seeing the protests,” Community Service Coordinator of the Greater Lansing Islamic Center Farrah Kahlil stated.

Kahlil says seeing this whole thing unfold…is heartbreaking.

“Seeing the opposition all of that seems surreal because that’s not the America I know. This is the time for humanity to step up,” said Kahlil.

This executive order suspends immigration to the United States from those seven countries for a 90-day period.

As far as refugees are concerned, for a span of 120-days, Syrian refugees are restricted from coming into the country.

6 News will continue to keep you updated as we learn more information.

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