Skubick: Dust settles after State of the State message

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The dust has settled on the governor’s State of the State message, and now it’s time to measure the fallout, both good and bad.

With a kiss for luck from the First Lady, the governor delivered his 7th state of the State which was vintage Governor Snyder, filled with lots of positive rhetoric.

“We should be really proud, we had an incredible year it’s remarkable what you can accomplish when we work together,” said Governor Snyder.

But sometimes it’s not what the governor says that is always noteworthy, sometimes it’s what he does not say.

And last night there were some omissions.

For example when the governor referenced GM, Ford and FCA bringing jobs back to Michigan from Mexico, he made no reference to “you know who”.

“President Trump is what you’re trying to allude to,” laughed Sen. Joe Hune. “I don’t know if the President would really even know I mean Donald Trump, President Elect Trump has a lot of things on his plate I’m not sure he really cares or is cognitive of um Governor Snyder’s speech last night.”

The Senate Democratic leader thinks it was a mistake for the governor to completely ignore citizens who were accused by the state of obtaining fraudulent jobless benefits when they were not guilty.

The governor left that out.

“In many cases lives were ruined they lost homes, they lost cars, they lost savings um and it was no fault of their own uh this is something the government shouldn’t be doing,” explained Sen. Jim Ananich.

The governor referenced the need to repair the state’s sagging infrastructure and while he said “fees, taxes, grants and bonds,” would be needed to raise the revenue, he left out how much that would cost in the near term.

Raising revenue is never popular with Republican lawmakers and there is a feeling the governor’s program won’t pass until and unless the new Trump administration does something first.

“There’s no question we have to see what Washington is going to do first,” said Sen. Wayne Schmidt.

And would the state do anything until then? Sen. Schmidt said “I don’t believe so.”

That’s not what the Governor wants to hear.

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