Lansing City Council: Can they get the job done?

There’s been a number of meetings, and still no decision on who will be the Lansing City Council’s next President.

So, we wanted to know what, if any, city business goes into limbo, until the Council decides.

For the last week, some could argue that City Council members have set aside their duty, which is to focus on city issues, and instead, letting politics get in the way of simply picking a Council President.

However, council members say, that’s not the case.

According to council member, Patricia Spitzley, although a complicated process, business in the city can still get done.

“If we can’t reach an agreement on leadership, city government does not come to a grinding halt. There is a mechanism in place to conduct city business,” says Spitzley.

She says, the council could fall back on the city’s charter if a decision can’t be reached.

Until then, City Attorney, Jim Smiertka says, things are technically in limbo.

“If you do not get those six vote items, no other matter can comes onto the agenda, you’re locked into the agenda until you elect a President,” says Smiertka during Friday’s meeting.

City Council member, Jody Washington says, while the main focus now is electing a President, the Council is eager to move forward with tackling city issues.

“We can still conduct city business, matters will still move forward, but rather than have the work being done in committee and brought to committee of the whole, it will be done through committee of the whole,” says Washington.

But, there are a number of agenda items that still need to be discussed from 2016.

Including a proposed ordinance for medical marijuana.

Under the City Charter, the City Clerk will take charge until a decision is made, and if worse comes to worse, Smiertka says, you as a citizen, can get involved.

“I’ve seen circumstances in the past, where a citizen would file an action and the judge would order all the council into chambers and not let council go until a decision is made, im not saying that would happen, but there are some potentials there,” says Smiertka.

However, until then, the Council will try again for the third time to elect a President this Tuesday, January 17th at 5:30pm.

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