Skubick: Doctors voice concern over future of Affordable Care Act

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The lobbying effort to preserve the Affordable Health Care act is intensifying with the focus today on health care for children in Michigan.

As President Barack Obama fades from the scene and the new president comes in, Mr. Trump wants to wipe out Obamacare and promises to replace it with something.

It’s that “something” that has Michigan pediatricians concerned.

“We don’t know if the children in Michigan will be protected in the way they are right now,” said Dr. Sharon Swindell of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Swindell admits her anxiety level is off the charts.

A group of doctors and patients stepped forward today to voice their beliefs that the Affordable Health Care Act is working and providing services to kids that they might not receive if it goes away.

“We have half a million Michigan children with chronic health conditions,” adds Dr. Swindell. “They can’t be denied further health coverage.”

Dr. Swindell says it that coverage is taken away she doesn’t know what will happen to the children.

Thousands of children are among the 600,000 persons who are currently covered by Gov. Snyder’s “Healthy Michigan” program.

The governor wants to save the program but if there are no federal funds, he concedes there are not enough state dollars to keep the program alive.

“No, in terms of reality that would be difficult to do,” admits Gov. Snyder.

Amanda Ruddy is a mom who had a child with a brain tumor and, because of the insurance coverage, she was able to place him in a clinical research trial but before he was enrolled, he died.

Now she is fighting to preserve a program for other children.

“There will be no way a person can afford to pay for a clinical trial,” said Ruddy. “There will be no cures.”

The president-elect has promised there will be a replacement program if Obamacare is cancelled and it will reduce the cost of health insurance.

But the fear of the unknown means lobbying efforts will intensify to preserve Mr. Obama’s legacy program.

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