PJ Fleck is out. Now what with ‘Row The Boat’?

LANSING, MI – The news just broke that Western Michigan Bronco’s Head Football coach PJ Fleck is headed to Minnesota.

Now the question is… what is going to happen to the PJ Fleck created slogan ‘Row The Boat’?

Row The Boat became a staple in the football program at Western Michigan University over the past three years. Row The Boat is written on their uniforms, oars are showcased on their helmets and students and alumni alike chant it. So what does it mean and where did it come from?

Row The Boat’s nautical theme is made up of three parts: The oar, the boat and the compass.

The oar is the energy behind rowing the boat. The boat represents the sacrifice that defines the program. The compass represents the direction the program will go, all while learning from past experiences.

PJ Fleck coined the phrase and philosophy when him and his wife had their second child. They were told he had a fatal heart condition and that it was just a matter of time. They lost their second son right after birth. Fleck says there is always a way to triumph adversity.

Fleck and his players cling tightly to these words and work to live each day, each moment, by this standard.

Now that he’s leaving, will Fleck take his phrase and methodology with him? Not so fast.

PJ Fleck does not own the trademark for Row the Boat. The Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University do.

It is still unclear if Western Michigan University will run out next season donning oars, but we do know he will not be able to take it with him to Minnesota.

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