Skubick: Snyder on Trump campaign style

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder rarely commented on the Donald Trump campaign, saying he was too busy being governor of the state.

But in a one hour sit-down with 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick the governor finally opened up on Donald Trump’s rhetoric and how the voters and the news media were not interested in issues this election year.

The governor, who steadfastly refuses to blast anyone in public or private, does reluctantly confess that Mr. Trump did offend many groups and individuals with his steady stream of controversial statements.

Trump touched upon everyone from Senator John McCain to the President of the United States and it seems like everyone in between, including women, Hispanics and the disabled.

When asked if Mr. Trump offended too many people in his campaign, the governor replied “he got elected”.

Gov. Snyder followed up by adding “I think that it’s clear he did” offend people.

The governor thinks the campaign lacked any serious discussion of the issues and the fault lies with both the media and the voters.

He doesn’t think that voters were necessarily asking for the rhetoric that was seen.

But he does say that if people were voting with their gut and not their brain it would not be the first time that’s ever happened. “That’s been true for a long time,” said Mr. Snyder.

So will we see a different Donald Trump who was one person during the campaign and maybe a different one as president?

The governor is sort of hoping that will be the case here. “That would be the normal phenomenon you’d see,” said the governor.

But will that happen with Mr. Trump? Mr. Snyder said it’s too early to tell.

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