Eaton County “hero” deputy relives rescue

Earlier this week we showed you a dramatic body cam video from an Eaton County Deputy who helped a family in Delta Township as a fire raged inside their home.

JENKINS: “We got people trapped inside, get out, come on”

Deputy Andrew Jenkins heard the call come in over the scanners and made a split decision, saving three lives, without stopping to think once about his own.

“I was driving up and I could see just orange in the window, and there were probably two or three windows that were pretty large in the living room and it was just orange, I was not thinking, it just had to happen, I had to go in,” says Jenkins.

According to him, he could hear the fire trucks coming as he was running into the home, but remembered how fast fire could grow in a matter of seconds and knew he needed to act.

However, once reaching the front door, everything changed.

“You go from keeping people away, to rescuing, getting people out,” says Jenkins.

JENKINS: “Come on.”

WOMAN: “We can’t, she can’t walk, and he, can you just put it out?”

Jenkins says, “The mom who could walk, we kind of pushed her out the door, because she could move but she didn’t want to leave her daughter but ya know, there was no more time left, she just had to get out, I had to get the daughter out and then the father.”

He then continued, “I had to pick the daughter up and leave her walker behind, and at that point, one of my partners was there and I handed her off to him, and I went back in and pulled the father out the rest of the way.”

But Jenkins didn’t stop there.

Jenkins pushed forward, checking on the neighbors.

JENKINS: “Everybody’s got to get out, there’s a fire, how many people live here?”

NEIGHBOR: “Just me.”

JENKINS: “Get your coat and your shoes.”

JENKINS: “They’re all out, I got them all out.”

It wasn’t until he knew there was no one else left inside, that he finally took a second to think about his own safety.

“Just doing my job I guess,” remarks Jenkins.

In the end, Jenkins says, the most important thing is that everyone is okay, everyone is alive.

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