Skubick: Lawmakers take on No Fault Insurance changes

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Consumer and patient’s rights groups are opposed to an 11th hour attempt to modify the state’s No Fault Car Insurance law.

The groups that lobby on behalf of patients who benefit from the current No Fault Car Insurance law are out in force, opposed to Republican efforts to modify the law.

One man argues the changes help the insurance companies but not those injured in a car accident.

And one legislator, who is also a doctor, agrees.

“I have to see that the citizens of Michigan are getting something out of the deal,” said Rep. Edward Canfield. “And I’m not hearing anything that comes back to the citizens in lower rates for insurance.”

House Republicans have tried for more than four years to change the law but this time they have the hospital association joining with the insurance companies to do this.

the proposal would pay for 56 hours of care each week and a $400,000 cap on benefits for those who are permanently disabled in a car wreck but without coverage.

“We have a patient that’s on a ventilator and she is going to need that kind of care her entire life,” explained No Fault opponent Jamie Martus. Is 56 hours of care adequate? “Oh no,” Martus continued. “She will need 24 hour care and $400,000 would pay her bills for two weeks in the hospital.”

One of the Republican yes votes on the proposal reports there will be savings by eliminating fraud in the system and future legislatures can deal with the savings on premiums.

“It’s things like fraud prevention that are reasonable and prudent, steps on whatever else may come in the future sessions, deal with that,” said Rep. Gary Glenn. “If we can get just the small steps that both sides can agree to, I think that’s reasonable.”

At this read House Republicans don’t have the “yes” votes to move the No Fault changes.

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