DEVELOPING: Recount Will Happen in Michigan

UPDATE…Michigan State Board of Canvassers vote on recount issue results in a 2-2 tie.  The recount will proceed.  It is expected to begin late Tuesday or Wednesday…

Stay with 6 News and for updates.


You could see the recount in our state coming a mile away after Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, asked for one in Wisconsin.

So it was no surprise to see Trump’s team push back today against a recount that Republican’s call a waste of time, and millions of your tax dollars.

Workers spent the day gearing up for a state-wide recount of ballots may have been in vain, now that it’s fate hangs in the balance.

But Ingham County Clerk, Barb Byrum, isn’t taking any chances.

“All of my municipal clerks have been scheduled to bring me their ballots, so ballots are coming in, we’re going to be as ready as we possibly can be,” says Byrum.

Now that attorneys for Donald Trump have filed an objection, ballots will not be counted as planned in Ingham County tomorrow, the State Board of Canvassers will meet instead.

But as they decide whether or not to adopt the motion, officials with the Secretary of State’s Office are standing behind the results.

“There’s no credible allegation of any election tampering, so as far as we’re concerned, we think voters should have full confidence in the results,” says Fred Woodhams, Spokesperson for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

But should Canvassers choose to allow the recount to move forward, Clinton County Clerk, Diane Zuker says, they’ll be ready.

“The staff within the county who has been working hours on end, trying to pull this off, preparing for it,” says Zuker.

Zuker says if the recount does go on, it comes with a large price tag, estimating in her county alone it will cost $20,000.

And Byrum agrees, the manpower costs will add up.

“$6,250 just for the 50 workers to do the recount for one day,” says Byrum.

Under Michigan law, Jill Stein will be required to pay nearly $1,000,000 but state officials say Michigan tax payers could still be left to pay millions.

“It’s very likely that the cost of county clerks across the state will be much higher than the money they end up getting from the stein campaign,” says Woodhams.

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