Jill Stein files for recount in Michigan, expected to begin Friday

(WLNS) – Jill Stein is filing for a recount in Michigan and Wisconsin and a partial recount in Pennsylvania because of voting machine irregularities.

Stein will be contributing close to $1 million to assist in the cost it will take for Michigan to recount the nearly $5 million votes cast in the state.

County clerks have already been preparing for the possibility of the recount by calling some of the regulars who work at polling sites each year and arranging where these workers will al hand count the ballots in each county.

Representatives from Stein’s campaign addressed why they have petitioned for this recount, saying it is because of faulty machines which could be to blame for the more than 75,000 ballots that did not have any candidate selected as President in the election.

“We are putting aside our political differences in the name of democracy, we are taking steps to ensure the accuracy, security and integrity of the election,” Stein Representative Jessica Clark said.

The daunting undertaking will require all hands on deck and will drain a significant amount of tax payer dollars to accomplish.

When asked if Stein’s campaign will cover the entire cost, one of the representatives would not give a clear answer to the question.

The recount will require thousands of people across the state, and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says they will start in the state’s 19 largest counties and then move to surrounding counties once finished.

The cost is estimated at just over $125 per precinct to pay for the workers, spaces and food, which equals out to over $900,000 statewide of taxpayer dollars.

The recount is expected to begin Friday, and estimated to be finished around December ninth.

Officials say they believe the recount is unlikely to change the outcome in Michigan despite the close margin Trump and Clinton.

In Wisconsin, Republicans are alleging that “Jill Stein’s recount efforts amount to illegal coordination with Democrat Hillary Clinton”.

The Republican Party in Wisconsin is filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

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