Skubick: Recount is next step for Michigan presidential election

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Michigan presidential election is headed for a recount.

The State Board of Canvassers certified that Donald Trump won the Michigan presidential election by 10,704 votes and then the attorney for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, announced that she wants a recount.

Mark Brewer is telling the board there could have been problems with the voting machines, there were 80,000 votes that were counted but none of them for president and Mr. Brewer tells reporters there may have been fraud.

“There are ways to hack and manipulate the machines in the end this is all about people trusting the system and a manual recount is the only way to assure people that they can trust the system,” said Brewer.

But did Brewer have proof of fraud? “No, we have no proof we’ve been very clear about that there is the possibility of fraud,” he answered.

State elections director Chris Thomas, who hopes to have the recount done by December 13, sees no fraud.

“I certainly aware of no evidence of fraud that I would suspect would require a recount,” said Thomas.

The State Republican Party chair believes there is no reason to recount any ballots and she calls on Hillary Clinton to call off the recount.

Ronna Romney McDaniel claims “Hillary Clinton should call off the recall she should ask Jill Stein to abide by the results of the Michigan election that was certified today this will cost our tax payers, it will cost our counties, it will take time, it is disenfranchising out voters and it is an outrage.”

The two lawyers for Donald Trump reject Mr. Brewer’s rationale for a recount, but if there is to be one they want it done by machine and not by human hands.

“Mistakes are made,” said Gary Gordon. “They get tired in a recount not by running the ballots through a machine but by humans sitting at a table trying to recount the ballots by hand when they get tired.”

So for those of you who thought the race was over on election night, at least in Michigan, that is not true yet.

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