Safety For You: Keeping Kids Safe

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Two local moms opened their doors and dared to let us do what many others wouldn’t: Take a camera into their homes for an up-close and personal look.

It’s all for the greater good of keeping their kids, and yours, safe.

We start with Erin Klinger, a first-time mom from Grand Ledge, who’s learning along the way as her daughter Paige gets more mobile by the day.

“She just started crawling two weeks ago,” said Klinger. “So my husband and I have kind of been scrambling.”

And while she feels they’re doing a pretty good job so far, she quickly learned “I definitley have some changes to do.”

Sparrow Injury Prevention coordinator Mickie Kreft helped Erin see that as she walked through Erin’s home, pointing out what she’s done right.

“I applaud you for the outlet covers there, the retractable gate is wonderful,” said Kreft.

While making a list of more things to do, from the bathrooms “do you have a toilet seat lock? Not yet? I would get one of those, children have drowned,” said Kreft.

To the bedrooms, “her crib is kind of close to the window. The monitor of course, she could grab that.”

And in the kitchen “you may want to find something that she can’t eventually turn them on.”

Mickie found plenty of potential dangers where Paige could get hurt.

But in this house she says it’s the giant TVs and heavy furniture that are the greatest dangers.

“Even though it’s quite a stretch, that’s how accidents happen,” explained Kreft. “Anything that has the potential to come at her.”

Un-anchored furniture is a deadly risk.

In fact, Erin even has recalled IKEA furniture in her bedroom.

“It’s pretty sturdy but it happens right?,” asked Klinger.

It does happen.

In fact, according to the website on average one child dies every two weeks when a TV or other furniture tips over on them.

There are other dangers when it comes to furniture, too.

Something pointed out to our next mom, Diane Goodemote in her Lansing apartment where she has Alexander and Kimberly, who are one and three.

“They will climb up and jump off from them and break through,” said Kreft. “That’s where several accidents happen.”

Mickie says she’s not a fan of coffee tables in general when you have little kids.

But tables with glass especially are a no-no.

“Someone might say, well, that coffee table, I had 3 kids, they never bonked their heads, no glass was broken, but, I deal in “what if’s” ?”

Other issues with furniture are placement in a room, such as “the bed so close to the window kind of freaks me out.”

And taller lamps and stools that can tip over caught her eye “they could knock it over and then you’ve got a broken lightbulb.”

But despite some issues Mickie says many moms could learn a thing or two from Diane, especially when it comes to coping with obstacles that come with raising young kids in an apartment.

Klinger says “they don’t want you to drill holes into cupboards.”

Her solution for that is strategic placement of knob locks.

Diane keeps all medications and chemicals locked away in one room where the kids can’t get to it.

But when it comes to laundry pods, even though they are up and out of reach, according to Mickie, that’s not enough.

“The way they are decorated, they look like they could be candy,” says Mickie. “Pods are so poisonous for kids even to touch so we don’t want to ever use those.”

With so much to look for child proofing your home is a never ending job.

So when working to make your home safe it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes come through.

Because when it comes to keeping our kids safe we should never leave anything to chance.

“Kids are really fast and they’re resourceful so we can say that we’ve got an eye on them all the time but we don’t.”

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