UPDATE: East Lansing condo fire leaves multiple families displaced

Firefighters in East Lansing were forced to fight a resilient fire that seemed harmless at first, but ended up causing some serious damage, leaving multiple families without a home for now.

Earlier this morning, East Lansing firefighters spent hours putting out a condo fire that happened on the 800 block of Burrwood Circle.

It all started with the pop of a light bulb, and ended much worse for four families who are now without a home.

“I looked out the window and I saw fog, what I thought was fog, red fog, so I ran to another window and looked out and I could see flames, just unbelievable, just like in the movies, flames, scared the daylights out of me,” says neighbor, Margie Hatley.

Around 3am, firefighters were called to what seemed to be a small electrical fire.

According to Captain Leo Allaire, Personal Information Officer of East Lansing Fire, he says, “the initial crews on the first call took and removed a whole bunch of insulation, they actually removed part of the structure itself that there was some smoldering in and they had thought that they had it completely out, however, that wasn’t the case.”

Not even two hours later, the same fire re-ignited, this time with bigger flames, causing much more damage.

“With the cellulose insulation that they use in a lot of homes, if there’s a smoldering type effect in there, it can be really hard to go ahead and get that out,” says Allaire.

Neighbors Laurence Rosen and Margie Hatley, grabbed their coats, and rushed outside.

“I came down here and I saw firefighters and I saw people on ladders going up onto the roof of the building, says Rosen.

They say, even though it is a condominium community, the neighbors look out for each other, and they feel this loss.

“I’m just so sorry that they had to go through that, I just hope that they’re going to be able to recover, says Hatley.

Officials tell us most of the damage was contained to a single unit, but a total of four families were displaced.

Luckily, nobody was hurt from the fire.


>>Video courtesy Kelly Nichols


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