Starting the transition into the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

MASON, MI (WLNS) – Now that the November election is over, have you ever wondered what all those winning candidates do between now and when they’re officially sworn into office?

For the man who won the race to become Ingham County Sheriff, Scott Wriggelsworth and his Undersheriff Elect, Andy Bouck, they’re taking time to get comfortable in their future office.

East Lansing police lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth and East Lansing Police sergeant Andy Bouck, both who currently work at the ELPD, are kind of in-between jobs right now, as they slowly start to make that transition into the Ingham County Sheriff’s office.

There’s no doubt, there’s a lot of policies and procedures that need to be learned, and even though they won’t take on their official role in a couple of months, they’ve already jumped right in.

Ever wonder how the soon to be Ingham County Sheriff fires a round of gunshots during target practice?

Well, you’re looking at it folks.

That’s Ingham County Sheriff Elect, Scott Wriggelsworth and Undersheriff Elect Andy Bouck as they begin to embrace the Ingham County Sheriff’s office.

“There’s a lot to learn, I don’t want to say overwhelming. I’m going to say it’s going to be challenging,” Undersheriff Elect, Andy Bouck said. “But I’m up to that challenge. This is a big operation.”

“The not so distant future, it’s going to be my gut-ball game going forward and I’m excited about the future and embracing the challenges ahead and know I have a lot to learn,” Scott Wriggelsworth said.

Sitting next to his predecessor and father, current Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, both reflect on the unique circumstance.

“I feel fortunate that the sheriff’s office has been a part of my life and my father’s life for the last 28 years,” Scott said. “So from an outside looking in, I don’t know how anyone could know any more than I do, just because we’ve lived it as a family.”

“It’s a chance for him to be innovative and yet have somebody like myself to answer questions if he has them,” Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said. “We’re excited. I think it’s going to be great for the county.”

Neither Scott nor Andy has worked a day at the Sheriff’s office, but both say they’re ready to hit the ground running.

“My number one task here is to get to learn the organization, the policies and procedures, build on what works, get rid of what’s not,” Scott said.

“I’m a big same team kind of guy,” Andy said. “If you work inside you’re just as important, you have to work outside and vice versa. I’m also a big proponent of professional policing and professional corrections.”

Taking over leadership at the Sheriff’s office comes with big responsibilities and potential challenges, like what’s to come out of the ongoing investigation into the sheriff’s office evidence issue, but Scott said he’s ready to tackle it all.

“There’s a lot to take on, but I’m up for the challenge, I’m embracing the challenges ahead,” Scott said. “I’ve got a good command staff and a good undersheriff that are all on board and I think we can tackle anything that’s thrown at us.”

Scott Wriggelsworth and Andy Bouck will both officially take over in their new role as Sheriff and Undersheriff on January 1st.

Current Ingham County Sheriff, Gene Wriggelsworth will retire after serving the county for nearly 30 years as sheriff.

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