Safety For You: What’s watching your house?

JACKSON, Mich (WLNS) – In recent years home security systems have improved by leaps and bounds.

And now any home can be brought into the 21st century.

Greg Judge works about 50 miles from home.

But he’s always just a click away, using a computer and smart-phone to access his security cameras.

“Having the video camera gives me that extra piece of mind,” says Judge. “I can look in. I can see my pets are safe, my family is safe.”

Judge even has a camera on his door-bell!

When someone walks onto his front porch he gets a text message.

He sees the visitor on camera and can talk to them.

Judge is impressed. “It is truly amazing.”

He got this system from Comtronics, a security company in Jackson.

“The marketplace is so demanding now for it. A lot of consumers want it.”

Operations manager Johns Wells says installing just one device, like a doorbell camera, can cost a couple hundred dollars.

And the basic package of four cameras running 24-7 with 30 days of memory?

“We’re installing that right now for about 1,700,” says Wells. “To us that’s a small price to pay to get that type of camera and get that far back in time and look at the events that happened.”

We looked around local retail stores, and found cameras that you can install on your own and operate from your smartphone for much less.

But, Wells says, they’re sometimes hard to install and don’t come with a full support service or an extra set of eyes.

“We are tying video to an alarm system now, so when an alarm system has an event, our alarm center operators are receiving the video that caused that alarm,” explains Wells.

Cameras may make your home less likely to be a target.

But if it’s robbed police say it’s more likely they’ll catch the criminal.

When police investigate a crime they’re always looking to see if it was caught on camera.

“When people do ask about cameras we encourage it,” says Jackson Police deputy chief Elmer Hitt.

If you see a suspect sneaking around police say it’s important not to play cop.

“Stay back, stay out of sight, wait for the police to arrive,” Hitt emphasizes. “Don’t attempt to take it into your own hands and put yourself in danger.”

Wells says – criminals are becoming… more brazen….. Busting past traditional security systems… that used to keep them away.

“They need to watch out. Because we’re on it.”

A security system – can also benefit.. Your neighbors.

“We’ve had break-ins in our neighborhood. It’s been helpful for my neighbors and the local police,” adds Judge.

Police say, along with security cameras, proper lighting and locking doors can also help you from becoming a victim.

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