Skubick: Where and why Clinton lost Michigan

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The dust has settled on the race for president in Michigan and given the fact that everyone predicted Hillary Clinton would win here, what happened?

So much for the polling that suggested, right up to the last minute, that Hillary Clinton would be victorious in Michigan.

There were danger signs that she might lose here going back to last March, when nobody predicted Bernie Sanders would win this state but he did.

But here’s what happened.

6 News pollster Bernie Porn and the Clinton camp agree that he rode to victory in Michigan and elsewhere ran into a huge speed bump days before the voting.

When the FBI director released his memo that the Clinton email investigation would continue, Ms. Clinton’s momentum went out the window.

Mr. Porn says without the James Comey memo, she wins.

The numbers tell the story.

(1) 230,000 Dems-No Shows
(2) 152,000 New GOP Voters
(3) 50,000 Fewer Detroit Voters
(4) 13,000 Vote Loss

She would have won had she done better in Detroit.

So did Mr. Trump win Michigan or did she lose and because of her shortfalls she handed the victory to him? The experts are divided.

Chuck Stokes of WXYZ-TV in Detroit says “she didn’t protect her base but then again she was never going to do as well as Barack Obama.”
Chad Livingood of the Detroit News adds “she lost” and Zoe Clark of Michigan Public Radio agrees, saying “she lost.” Bill Ballenger, author of the Ballenger Report, says “I agree with Chuck, it was both.”

Adding to her woes, she was supposed to win with the female vote but 42 percent of the women in this country voted for Donald Trump and she did well with young voters, but not well enough.

Add it all up and you get this “Donald Trump is now our president and we must work with him.”

She won the popular vote but he won the electoral college vote

Ms. Clinton can commiserate on that with fellow Democrat Al Gore who met the same fate in 2000 against George Bush.

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