Healing session at Michigan State attempting to mend wounds after election

(WLNS) – To help alleviate fears and offer a safe place for an open discussion, Michigan State University is hosting a debate free session to offer students a safe place to ask questions and air their concerns.

Since election night, people’s reactions have been polarized.

“People sharing their opinions how Trump is going to ruin the world and everyone is going to die and all sorts of over reactions,” Student Holly Hennelly shared.

“It was really surprising, I was really shocked when I was watching the election,” Student Charlotte Baykian said.

That’s why MSU is hoping a healing session will mend some of these wounds.

“There is a lot of people who are deeply affected and you have to lend an open ear, you have to listen,” Baykian said.

Not everyone has felt as affected or upset by the results as others, but students say this de-briefing could be beneficial.

“I’ve got to feel for them, I’ve got to be sympathetic because I’m definitely privileged,” Student Paul Hasson said.

“I think it sounds helpful, especially if you’re kind of confused about what’s going on,” Hennelly said.

The de-brief is being called a debate free space and a chance for questions and concerns to be raised safely.

“everybody’s voice matters in this,” Baykian said.

“You know I would really like to see this country come closer together,” Hasson said.

Despite frustrations from some students , and the protests, rallies and acts that have stemmed from the results, many say its time to stop dwelling on the past, and start looking to the future.

“I’m just kind of sick of all the politics, I’d really like move forward,” Hasson urged.

The students 6 News spoke to all agreed the best chance we have as a community and country is to stick together.

The meeting runs from 7 to 9 pm Monday and Tuesday at the MSU union.

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