Dozens gather in a Healing Space on MSU’s campus

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Across the state, college campuses at several universities have seen their share of protests and discriminatory acts since the general election and because of that, students at Michigan State and Eastern Michigan University hosted discussions to address visible community issues.

Last week, dozens of students rallied on MSU’s campus 6 News took you along with these people last week as they rallied on MSU’s campus, many of them carrying signs marching to the capitol.

Monday night, was different, though. People 6 News talked to say, with emotions flying high over the election no matter where you go, they’re hoping to not only continue that dialogue but to encourage all those to have a voice.

It’s called Healing Space. Officials said staff and counseling resources at MSU are dedicating time to reach out to all those who are struggling over the results of the election.

The event was about coming together and talking openly about the issues currently facing our country and on campus.

It allowed people of all ages to express their concerns, get answers, and work together, in unity.

“I’ve been getting a lot of concerns from the black community specifically things that people have written on their doors or things they’ve overheard on campus and some of the conversations in the classroom so people are definitely uneasy right now,” Kelsi Horn, President of the Black Student Alliance at MSU said. “So we really just want to create a space where we can be supportive and inclusive not judgmental towards anybody’s opinions but just have an open and candid conversation where people will feel loved and valued.”

“Right now is a time to come together,” RHA for Black Student Alliance, Sarah Fleming said. “I feel like everyone who’s feeling frightened, feeling scared, we need to support each other and um reassuring each other that we are here and not be afraid for the things to come.”

Those involved in MSU’s Black Student Alliance said they plan to continue holding events like this in the future, a town hall is set to take place next week.

6 News will fill you in when we find out when and where it will happen.

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