Stress builds for voters during long campaign

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – If you’re like many people you’re probably glad today is finally here.

Some voters say they can’t wait for all this election controversy to end.

“I’m just glad to have it over and done with,” one voter told 6 News.

“It’s finally over. And I hope it comes out to how it needs to come out tonight,” added another.

As voters made their way to the polls today some say it can be over soon enough.

With the hype from this election they’re stressed out by all the back and forth.

Some even saying they’ve turned away from the TV to avoid campaign commercials.

“These ads are not what we have seen in the past. These ads are really bad. And my daughter, sometimes I have to turn the TV off, sometimes I have to flip the channels,” says voter Sunny Qurashi.

“I’ll be so happy when tomorrow morning comes and we don’t have that anymore,” voter Veronica Ellison added.

Michigan as a whole is in it until the end this year as a battleground state.

According to local political analyst Matt Grossmann that’s something we haven’t seen in years.

“We have a good reason to turn out to vote but it also may increase polarization and people’s fatigue being at the center of the campaign,” said Grossman.

Grossmann says now the issue could shift from so-called “voter fatigue” to another range of emotions once a winner is declared.

“Nearly half the country is going to be upset about the results whatever happens, so people are stressed now but that’ll be replaced by relief for half the country, and fear for the other half of the country,” said Grossman.

And even though many voters are “over” this election many tell 6 News they have hopes this country will come together, no matter what the outcome.

“Overwhelming and exhaustion both, but I think now that we’re at the finish line, we’ll all be able to rest,” voter Sirpenia Stewart explained.

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