Keys to watch for during election returns tonight

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – During the long campaign for the White House 6 News pollster Bernie Porn has brought insight into voter trends.

Now, on Election Day, he’ll be watching for keys that could be the difference in today’s voting.

“Well, the first thing I’m going to be looking for is the outcome in Florida,” said Porn. “If Florida is going toward Hillary Clinton, well then, ballgame’s over because there is no path toward 270 for Donald Trump. Next will be North Carolina and then Pennsylvania, all along the east coast.”

Porn continued “and I expect, given the news from FBI Director Comey on Sunday that she had been cleared of all charges in terms of the additional e-mails that the numbers seem to have moved significantly toward her. Although, not only national polls but also in several states.”

“And I know that “538over” from East Lansing, his web site says that he gives a 55-percent likelihood of Hillary Clinton winning Florida, 55-percent chance of winning North Carolina, a 58-percent chance of winning Nevada and 77-some percent chance of winning Michigan.”

So how many electoral college votes is possible for Clinton to win? “And so when you look at all the likely wins for Hillary Clinton, I think when all is said and done she may well be in the 320-323 neighborhood.”

So with all the eastern states carrying a lot of the electoral college vote weight there is a chance the race could be settled early. “If the results are in in the early states, they may very well hold making a definitive call until some of the other states are done because they don’t want to influence people who are still standing in line. But we may have an idea of what things look like in those states.”

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