UPDATE: BWL officials reveal ransom details on April cyber-attack

UPDATE 7:45 p.m. – BWL officials paid $25,000 ransom and insurance covered $2.4 million in additional costs following the cyberattack last spring.

BWL General Manager Dick Peffley revealed tonight that the $25,000 ransom paid was “distasteful and disgusting but sadly necessary” to restore the BWL’s internal corporate communications system.

In tonight’s news release Peffley said the BWL filed an insurance claim for $1.9 million.

The attack affected the BWL’s internal corporate communications systems.

No electric or water utility services were interrupted, and there was no evidence that customer or employee information was compromised as the result of the April 25, 2016 incident.

The $2.4 million included payment for a cyber-emergency response team, crisis management, system stabilization and restoration.

It also included payment for mitigation and enhanced cyber-security personnel and technologies.

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – 6 News continues our continuing coverage on the cyberattack into the Lansing Board of Water and Light’s computer system.

Back in April, a ransomware virus disrupted the utility company’s systems after it was hacked.

It prompted local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI, to investigate.

Tuesday night, at the BWL Board of Commissioners Committee of the Whole meeting, the utility company is expected to give the public more information on how it’s recovering from this incident.

That information includes how much money it cost to fix the problem, which also includes the dollar amount that was paid as ransom.

Costs also associated with the attack include putting measures in place to make sure this never happens again.

Leading up to the meeting tonight, 6 News obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act that show BWL paid about $2 million for technical support after the hack, and then for equipment to upgrade its security systems.

To refresh your memory, here’s what we know about this incident. It shut down the utility’s computer systems for about 2 weeks while BWL officials worked to fix the issue, put measures in place to prevent it from happening, and pay the ransom demand.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, officials are expected to detail exactly how much that cost.

It’s important to mention, BWL officials say absolutely no customer information was compromised in this hacking incident.

The meeting is underway. 6 News will of course update you on new information as soon as we get it.

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