Skubick: How Michigan came back into political play

Trump, Clinton battle it out in 2016's new social media landscape. (AP file)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A couple weeks ago if you and I had been standing here I said you know what we could go have a beer we can forget about Michigan and not in play.

She’s ahead by fifteen points.

Well, guess what happened? That lead just basically disappeared and what did happen Donald Trump got some of his people who were on the fence to get off the fence and come to his side.

It’s not that she lost so much is that he gained so much.

So now we have Michigan being very competitive, underscored by the fact that both of the major candidates are in our state on this day.

Trust me, in recent political history, this is never happened before.

It’s certainly been interesting.

We have never had both candidates on the last day making their final pitch to Michigan voters, which underscores the fact that Michigan is in play and it is part of the road to the White House.

So can Donald Trump win the White House without winning Michigan?

Yes, obviously he can but his path is narrower than hers.

The latest polling data in Florida has him winning Florida.

If he can do Michigan and Florida he’s going to look very good tomorrow night as we look at the numbers that’s why Hillary Clinton is back in the state.

It’s why she was back in Detroit on Friday.

The interesting story here is that both candidates in Michigan are underperforming on the west side of the state.

Donald Trump was ahead by ten points.

A Republican on the west side of the state ought to be up by fifteen or more.

So he’s underperforming and the people in Detroit are not as enthusiastic about her as they were about Mr. Obama which is why she was in Eastern Market last Friday.

So they both have problems in our state that they want to overcome.

Would you say the Clinton campaign is worried about Michigan at this point?

I’d be taking a couple of aspirins because this is not a slam dunk and here’s the reason why March aides the primary.

She lost in Michigan.

She was supposed to when the polls said right. OK in the polls have her up right now the latest that I’ve looked at by six points but she lost on the trade issue but Bernie Sanders beat her on that and so did Donald Trump.

And what is Donald Trump talking about?

Trade issues and it’s resonating with his audiences, that’s why there is some consternation, if you will, in the Clinton camp over Michigan.

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