Daylight Saving Time: what makes people feel “out of sorts?”

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s that time of year where we fall back an hour and often times the human body simply can’t get used to it. But why is that? The answer is actually very simple.

Many may argue that gaining an hour of sleep in the fall can be a perk. But its losing daylight sooner, that experts say throws people out of sorts.

“Any time we get off in terms of the light in the day versus compared to our waking time, it kind of sets our biological clock off a little bit,” said Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail.

That biological clock is called your circadian rhythm and according to Vail, even though we technically get an extra hour of sleep the lack of light is what causes that rhythm to respond differently.

“Really it just goes to show you how much impact light has on kind of an emotional well-being and how we feel,” Vail stated.

She says some of the common symptoms people face during Daylight Saving Time is similar to how you feel when you’re jet-lagged, including fatigue.

“Cluster headaches and things like that that can sometimes get exasperated by lack of sleep, those are the folks that kind of need to pay attention to making sure that they you know adjust to the time,” Vail added.

For Lansing locals, Micaela Ballzer and Becca Harmon, Daylight Saving Time messes up their daily routines.

“It throws off like my schedule like my body for a week especially,” Harmon said.

“When you like look outside and at 5 o’clock you look outside because you’ve like swung back the hour that’s when I’m like ughhh,” Ballzer stated.

But Vail says all you have to do is adjust your sleep schedule with the new time change.

“Just making sure that you get enough sleep is a real critical part of that,” she says.

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