LOVE STORY: Late husband’s lost wedding ring found

HOLT, Mich (WLNS) – Remember the woman we introduced you to who lost her late husband’s wedding ring while handing out treats Halloween night?

Catherine Tucker was heartbroken.

“It was my husband’s wedding ring and he died three years ago on the 26th of October, so we just had his three year anniversary,” Tucker said.

She said she wears his ring every day.

“This is one of the few meaningful things that I still have of his,” she said.

She lives on the corner of Walnut and Sycamore, in the Tree Streets neighborhood in Holt and Monday night, while handing out candy on Halloween, she believes it fell off into someone’s bag.

Since then she has been searching non-stop.

When 6 News offered the services of Tom Shively, a professional with a metal detector who owns “Treasure Tom’s”, Catherine was hopeful.

This afternoon her hopes were realized.

The ring was located outside her front door buried under about an inch of dirt.

She tells 6 News that since the ring was found “she can’t stop crying”.

We’re a little choked up ourselves but couldn’t be happier for Catherine and her kids.

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2 thoughts on “LOVE STORY: Late husband’s lost wedding ring found

  1. Please let Catherine know that I had my late husband’s ring sized down and soldered to mine. (Luckly ours were matching ones) It’s wide enough that I use it like a worry stone and rub it all the time. He’s been gone 8 years, 7 months and 4 days but this way I always have a piece of the love of my life on me always. Congratulations, Catherine.


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