Skubick: New poll shows impact of email probe on presidential race

(AP file)

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – With the release of the FBI memo last Friday and the possibility that it could include more Hillary Clinton emails, everyone in this town has been waiting to gauge the impact on the presidential race.

Last Tuesday prior to the release of the FBI memo, in Michigan Hillary Clinton had a six point lead over Donald Trump. Nothing has changed. It’s 47 percent to 41 percent.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson has 6 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein still stuck at 2 percent.

With the release of the memo last Friday however from the FBI Director, the Trump campaign has been all over this story.

In Grand Rapids yesterday Mr. Trump said we hit the motherload with this email story as he describes it as worse than Watergate during the Nixon administration.

However, journalist Carl Bernstein, who helped break that Watergate story, strongly disagrees with that characterization.

Nonetheless most agree that the release is not exactly a plus for Ms. Clinton, who has demanded the FBI Director release the details of the new email discovery.

As far as Michigan voters are concerned they seem to be evenly divided.

37 percent say they are much more likely to vote for her after the memo’s release.

While 36 percent say they are much less likely to vote for Ms. Clinton.

And check this out, 66 percent believe the FBI story is true, but 15 percent believe it is false and 19 percent are just not sure.

Pollster Steve Mitchell’s findings are consistent with a new national poll that shows no change in the lead for Ms. Clinton but another one shows Mr. Trump up by one percentage point.

But the pollster warns the numbers could change over the next few days.

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