POLL: More than 1/3 of Michigan voters won’t buy election results

More than a third of Michigan voters say they won’t have much confidence in the results of the November election.

That’s according to a poll commissioned by WLNS-TV and media partners across the state.

The poll asked “How confident are you that the votes cast across the country in the upcoming election will be accurately counted and there will not be any election fraud which could cause the election results to be rigged?”

In response, 62% percent of those polled say they were “very” or “mostly” confident the results will be accurate. Another 36% say they’re “only a little confident” or “not really confident at all” in the results.

In the poll, 39% were “very” confident and 23% were “mostly” confident (adding up to 62%), while 14% were “only a little confident” and 22% said they were “not really confident at all” (which add up to 36%). Two percent of those polled were undecided or refused to answer the question.

While a 62-36 lead would be a landslide if it was a race between two candidates, some consider the 36% an extraordinary finding that touches on the basis of democracy.

“It’s an astonishing number,” said EPIC-MRA pollster Bernie Porn.

Porn, who has never asked the question in a poll before, says he was prompted by a media partner to ask it in light of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s frequent claims that the election is “rigged.”

“There’s no basis to come to that conclusion based on any kind of evidence,” Porn said.

But a breakdown of the poll numbers suggests Trump’s comments are having an effect.

Almost 2 our of 3 Trump supporters (63%) say they don’t have much or any confidence in the election results.

On the flipside, 87% of Hillary Clinton supporters (the Democratic nominee) say they do have confidence in the results. So do most supporters of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson (65%), Green Party nominee Jill Stein (53%), and undecided voters (58%).

“I don’t think it says as much about democracy as it Trump’s view of the election process and his voters’ willingness to believe it,” said Porn. “What is surprising is that people actually believe it.”

The poll, conducted by the Lansing firm EPIC-MRA, includes the opinions of 600 people. The questions went out between October 22nd and 24th and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

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