Campaign 2016: Ingham County Sheriff race

MASON, Mich (WLNS) – 6 News has been here for you all week previewing the candidates on the ballot in some of our key local races.

One race that is taking center stage is the Ingham County Sheriff’s race.

It begins on the campaign trail.

“I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My name’s scott wriggelsworth. Running for the office of Ingham County Sheriff.”

Meet Scott Wriggelsworth.

“Been in the community for 46..”

And Eric Trojanowicz.

“Hi, ma’am, how are you? My name is Eric Trojanowicz, I’m running for Ingham County Sheriff. I was endorsed by the Capitol City labor union.”

The two men have a couple things in common.

They’re members of law enfocement and they both want your vote as they hope to be elected the next Ingham County Sheriff.

“I believe that us as law enforcement, especially with all of the negativity that’s going on, is we need to get that trust back from the community,” says Trojanowicz.

Wriggelsworth says “a big part of my life is the law enforcement profession and I think being sheriff that you have to be an ambassador in this community for law enforcement and I think I’ve proven that over my 22 year career.”

Scott Wriggelsworth is the Democrat candidate with more than 22-years in law enforcement.

He’s currently a lieutenant at the East Lansing Police Department.

In his time with the ELPD Wriggelsworth says he’s lead initiatives to combat distracted driving and created a behavioral assessment unit in the police department.

“I’ve always been good at kind of being forward thinking and anticipating problems that may come up and trying to institute solutions before something even is a problem,” says Wriggelsworth. “And I think I’m good at that.”>

When he takes off his uniform he doesn’t stop his involvement in the community. “I sat on the Holt school board for six years, I’m the treasurer for the Hunter Club which raises money for families of fallen police and fire in the tri-county area.”

“Under my leadership at the sheriff’s office we started develop and regional teams,” Trojanowicz says. “We developed a regional dive team which incorporates area agencies.”

Eric Trojanowicz is the Republican candidate with 25 years of law enforcement under his belt.

He was a Captain at the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office before he retired earlier this year.

The sheriff’s office is all Eric knows. “I’ve come up through the sheriff’s office. I know what it takes to make cuts at the sheriff’s office.”

When he wasn’t on the streets fighting crime Trojanowicz was on the basketball court, coaching kids at Lansing Catholic.

Both candidates have a vision for the future of the sheriff’s office when it comes to priorities in policing.

“My priorities are safety, service, and solutions. I mean they’re short staffed. They don’t have enough, nearly enough road deputies in the out-county or the 13 rural townships that they police,” insists Wriggelsworth. “They could use more deputies in Corrections. I want to build on those programs that the current sheriff has built and I want to rethink those that maybe aren’t working.”

Trojanowicz explains his goals. “My first priority is to get more road patrols out to the citizens of Ingham County. As of right now we only put 1-2 cars out a shift so my goal as the sheriff of Ingham County is to get more people, more road patrol out into the communities, interacting with them because we need to work together to solve crimes in our communities. Basically it’s time for a change. I mean, the current sheriff’s done a tremendous job. I don’t have any complaints about what he’s done at the sheriff’s office but there comes a time when there needs to be a change and right now is the time.”

To which Wriggelsworth, whose father is the retiring Ingham County Sheriff, says “my opponent is running on it’s time for a change and I would say I’m the change. He’s the establishment. He’s worked there for 25 years. There’s comfort in what you know and I hope to bring some fresh perspective and some fresh ideas out to the sheriff’s office from somebody from the outside moving in.”

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