Skubick: Following the political money trail

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – If money is the mother’s milk of politics, than the Michigan Republicans have more cash cows.

Check out some of these numbers since last July: House Democrats have raised $830,000 but the Republicans they’ve hauled in $1.2 million with a big chunk from one family.

“$360,000 of it almost one in every three dollars comes from the wealthy DeVos family from West Michigan,” says Craig Mauger of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. “The DeVos’s family gave nine individual contributions of $40,000 to the House Republicans last quarter, the House Democrats did not get a single contribution that was $40,000.”

The Democrats got their money mostly from themselves and a few rich families but not as rich as the DeVoses.

“The D’s have been getting a lot of their money lately from their own members who are raising money and then turning it back into the House Democratic Fund,” adds Mauger. “The Bernstein family has a PAC they’ve given money to the House Democratic Fund lately.”

One of the most competitive House races is right here in Mid-Michigan where almost $100,000 has been spent so far on TV ads in the 71st District.

Mauger continues “it’s a very competitive race, it’s one that going to be decided by a small number of votes most likely and they’re going all out for it.”

And is there a direct correlation to money spent in districts that are competitive? Mauger answers “Yeah, so the money follows the competition.”

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is investing heavily in the state Supreme Court race for two incumbent Republicans to the tune of $670,000 so far.

In the last quarter in the Presidential race the Clinton campaign has raised $2.2 million, Trump people netted $2.1, 500,000 for Ms. Clinton came from the UAW.

But it appears that Michigan is no longer a battleground state as the candidates and the money is flowing elsewhere.

“It’s beginning to look like that and the number one indication of that is we’re not seeing broadcast TV ads from either campaign,” concludes Mauger.

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