Skubick: Absentee voting numbers on the rise in Michigan

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Absentee voting appears to be on the rise compared to four years ago and some early election results are in based on the absentee votes that are already in.

If you lived in Florida you could be voting today regardless of your age.

But Michigan lawmakers, mostly Republicans, have steadfastly refused to create early voting here except for those over sixty years of age.

Democrats were worried that their side would not turn out as voters did when President Obama ran for re-election four years ago.

However in Lansing, 9,300 absentee ballots have been issued and 5 percent of those have been returned which means there could be 1,000 more absentee voters than four years ago.

Lansing city clerk Chris Swope explains “we had a hundred people walk into one of our locations yesterday to get their ballot in person. We issued 200 ballots yesterday that the applications came in the mail so we issued a total of 300 ballots in one day yesterday and it’s been trending pretty heavily like that.”

There were also concerns in the Donald Trump camp about his depressing the vote with his own supporters.

“It does not seem to be,” said Swope. “People want to get their vote counted. To some degree I think they want the election to be over so they think the sooner they vote the sooner it’s over for them.”

In nearby Meridian Township just over 6,000 absentee ballots are out and about half have been returned, which is similar to four years ago.

As of last Friday the state Elections Director reports 1,042,000 ballots were out statewide and 368,000 are back.

Absentee voters can return their ballots up to and including Election Day and about 25 percent of Michigan voters are expected to do that.

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