Skubick: State on the watch for voter fraud on Election Day

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The Michigan Republican Party is sending out hundreds of poll watchers to make sure there is no voter fraud on Election Day.

But Democrats claim the Republican intent is to intimidate voters at the polls.

Now the state elections director is taking steps to avoid that.

While the state Election Bureau is gearing up for what it hopes will be an orderly election on November 8th the state elections director has notified local clerks on how to do that.

These are all the rules and guidelines for running the election including:

  • No campaigning within 100 feet of the building
  • Poll watchers and challengers can not talk to voters
  • Just because a voter can not speak English, they can not be denied the right to vote.

There are even regulations for TV camera persons and anyone else with any form of photographic equipment.

“We have good rules on photography, no pictures in the polling place lot of people very uncomfortable with that so we make everyone be on their best behavior,” explained Christoper Thomas. “We try to give them a nice protective place to cast their vote without any hassles from campaigners or anyone else.”

State Democratic party chair Brandon Dillon is worried about hassles from the other side.

The state Republican Party sent out a memo last week suggesting there would be hundreds of poll watchers to make sure the voting is on the up and up.

“Even the Michigan Republican party now is suggesting there’s going to be some sore to effort to intimate voters,” said Dillon. “We won’t stand for it and neither will the voters.”

So is this a trumped-up charge on the Democrat’s side?

Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Sarah Anderson responds to that. “Correct, it always is. they do it every year, we’ve done this every year they also send poll watchers across the state of Michigan so it’s not unheard of both sides to do it and neither side, I think, is meant to do it to intimidate voters.”

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