Lansing School District responds to Sexton High mold concerns

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The district has spoken. Just a couple days after 6 News received complaints from students about mold on walls and crumbling ceilings, Lansing district leaders have come back with a punch saying they are certain there are no issues.

Black specks splattered on the ceiling tiles, to ceilings peeling off with brown stains underneath…this is what appears on photos students at Sexton High School sent to 6 News a few days ago. Now the Lansing school board, including President Peter Spadafore is speaking up.

“There is no mold in the building, it was tested and it came back negative which is great news,” said Spadafore.

Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul says on Tuesday morning Fibertec, an environmental services company did a thorough mold investigation inside Sexton High.

She says the tests for mold came back clean.

But they did find something…

“There was a ceiling tile on the fourth floor that had mildew on it and it was replaced immediately,” Canul stated.

On top of the concerns for mold, people have brought forward other concerns of lead paint and asbestos inside the school as well.

The school board is also kicking those rumors to the curb.

“We have passed our asbestos test as recently as three years ago in all of our buildings built in the period of time when it was necessary to make those assessments, we also know there was lead paint in our buildings but we’ve been painting those buildings for four years without lead paint and everything has been taken care of to make sure that the environment is safe,” Spadafore said.

And as school officials have dealt with the rising health concerns regarding mold, asbestos and lead paint, tonight they have a strong message for the community.

“Are we trying to hide something from the public and have our students in harm’s way…absolutely not,” Canul stated.

In the midst of this back and forth between student, parents and the schools, 6 news has repeatedly asked to take our cameras inside Sexton High School to look for ourselves but our requests have been denied.

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